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Simon Munnery

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Simon Munnery - Fylm Makker

Simon Munnery - Fylm Makker

A show in which Simon Munnery never appears on stage. Instead he sits in the audience behind a box of tricks that can display his face, the table or both. From here he contrives to make live films - or Fylms - which are projected on a big screen at the front of the theatre. What you see on the DVD is exactly what the audiences saw on their big screen.

For the connoisseur, there's also an alternate version of the show from the last night of the inaugural Fylm Makker tour in Bristol.

Additionally, there's a behind the scenes look at the show; a short film showing Simon set up the Fylm equipment; and then the complete Bristol show again, this time filmed from about two foot behind Simon, so you can see what he does to make the magic.

And if that's not enough, there are also 7 short Munnery films for your delectation, including the astounding 'The Railings of Scotland struck with a spoon'.

First released: Wednesday 17th April 2013

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