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Simon Callow

The Rebel starring Simon Callow to return for Series 2

The Rebel, the sitcom starring Simon Callow as hellraising pensioner Henry Palmer, is to return to the Gold TV channel for a second series.

British Comedy Guide, 30th July 2017

Review: Mindhorn Is the perfect summer comedy

Mindhorn is one of those movies that only works for viewers who are open to it. As a person who is very open to the sense of humor on display here, I found Mindhorn to be one of the most boldly original movies to grace screens thus far in 2017. And it doesn't hurt that the movie comes from one half of the mastermind team behind The Mighty Boosh.

Evan Jacobs, Movie Web, 3rd June 2017

Mindhorn review

A washed-up TV star comes out of retirement in this loose but very funny British comedy starring Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh.

Cath Clarke, Time Out, 2nd May 2017

Film review: Mindhorn

Mindhorn is consistently laugh-out-loud entertaining.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 2nd May 2017

TVO reviews: Mindhorn

Our roving reporter, Mog, has been lucky enough to see Mindhorn twice. The first time she was so absorbed in the film she forgot to make any notes. That probably tells you all you need to know (about both the film and her). On the second run, she was able to remember why she was there; here's her review.

Mog, The Velvet Onion, 2nd May 2017

The Philanthropist review

Across the board, supposedly soul-searching scenes often come to sound more like shallow, self-centred millennial whines than the intended existential angst.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 27th April 2017

Review: The Philanthropist

The audience liked it, and though it won't be remembered as one of the year's great plays, it was good to see a work by a classic playwright in a new production with a cast not used to this form.

Beatrix Swanson Scott, A Younger Theatre, 25th April 2017

The Philanthropist review

This is dated beyond belief and either needs urgent freshening up or leaving it to its past.

Carns Theatre Passion, 24th April 2017

Review: The Philanthropist

You'd have to be a very generous philanthropist to recommend it as a night out.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 22nd April 2017

Review: The Philanthropist

The Philanthropist isn't a bad show. There are some very funny moments and the concept of the piece is an interesting one. Definitely worth going to see if you like the sound of it.

West End Wilma, 22nd April 2017

Review: The Philanthropist

So as a period piece, it rang true; and Bird's and Cole's performances in particular left me convinced and rather sorrowful.

Libby Purves, My Theatre Mates, 22nd April 2017

Review: The Philanthropist

A combination of bad casting and lacklustre directing from Simon Callow leads to an ultimately disappointing evening; the greatest act of philanthropy would be to scrap it and start again.

Danny Coleman-Cooke,, 22nd April 2017

The Philanthropist review

I love the play, but I think the age of the actors matters far less than their depth of experience and understanding.

Michael Billington, The Guardian, 21st April 2017

The Philanthropist, theatre review

TV stars look ill at ease in this woeful dud. This pricey West End play feels like a misconceived venture.

Henry Hitchins, Evening Standard, 21st April 2017

The Philanthropist review

The Philanthropist veers wildly between comedy, tragedy and tragi-comedy. The audience never knows where a pithy line, death, infidelity and betrayal will spring from next. It might be a comedy, but don't expect big laughs.

Frances Taylor, Radio Times, 21st April 2017

The Philanthropist review

The Philanthropist was written when Christopher Hampton was only 23 - and here gets a revival that for once casts actors in their late-twenties, early-thirties, as intended. But it's not revelatory: these academics act like old fogeys who sleep about a bit.

Holly Williams, What's On Stage, 21st April 2017

The Philanthropist review

A strange play to unearth now.

Paul Taylor, The Independent, 21st April 2017

The Philanthropist review

While there's a measure of wit to Christopher Hampton's 1969 play The Philanthropist, Simon Callow's production conspires to hide it.

Natasha Tripney, The Stage, 20th April 2017

The Philanthropist review

Simon Bird and Lily Cole are a treat in this pungent tragi-comedy.

Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph, 20th April 2017

The making of Mindhorn

As we count down to the official release of Mindhorn, the new film written by and starring Julian Barratt and Simon Farnaby, we bring you the inside story of the development and making of the film, as told by the stars, cast and crew.

The Velvet Onion, 14th April 2017