Sean Morley.

Sean Morley

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Random 8: Fringe special

Tuesday 27th August 2019

We bring together a bunch of previous Random 8 contestants whose shows we thoroughly enjoyed at this year's Edinburgh Fringe.


Vegan comedians at the Fringe

Monday 20th August 2018

Do you prefer your comedians ethically sourced and meat-free? Here's a guide to some of the vegan stand-ups at this year's Edinburgh Fringe.


Press Clippings

Sean Morley interview

Sean Morley talks inciting the socialist revolution through podcasting and Mandatory Redistribution Party.

Blizzard Comedy, 3rd April 2020

Manchester's tough crowds make comedians sizzle

Amateur nights, 'chaos energy' and jokes about yeast ... Our writer continues her UK comedy tour and discovers Mancunians' appetite for the alternative.

Rachael Healy, The Guardian, 8th March 2020

Malcolm Hardee Awards 2019 nominations

Charles Quarterman, Jimmy Slim & Lewis Blomfield, Joz Norris, Legs, President Obonjo and Sean Morley are amongst the nominees for the Malcolm Hardee Awards 2019.

British Comedy Guide, 22nd August 2019

Our top ten picks of week 2 at the Fringe 2019

The Fringe is well underway now as we approach the end of the second week, so here are our Top Ten we've seen this week!

2Northdown, 12th August 2019

Fringe 2019: 12 best comedy shows

Here for the lols? From buzzy newcomers to stand-up giants, these are the best comedy shows at Edinburgh Fringe 2019.

Ben Williams, Time Out, 1st August 2019

Edinburgh Fringe review

The Skinny, August 2019

Edinburgh Fringe review

The Wee Review, August 2019

Edinburgh Fringe review

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