Pramface. Laura Derbyshire (Scarlett Alice Johnson). Copyright: BBC / Little Comet.

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Radio Times review

BBC Three has always struck me as the most unlikely home for this soft-centred, blandly pleasing sitcom. It's not particularly sweary, its characters are inoffensive and it even flutters on the outskirts of twee, so it's hardly up there with Two Pints of Lager or Bad Education.

As we reach the third series young, accidental parents Jamie and Laura (Sean Michael Verey and Scarlett Alice Johnson), who conceived a baby after a misguided one-night stand, have a polite relationship for the sake of their little one.

But their parents are fractious and in chaos - Jamie's feckless dad has spent the family's money and they are evicted from their home, while Laura's high-flying mum (Anna Chancellor) is still in New York, communicating bad-temperedly via Skype with her estranged husband (Angus Deayton).

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 25th February 2014

The soft-centred babies-making-babies sitcom returns for a third series, with Laura and Jamie (Scarlett Alice Johnson and Sean Michael Verey) having trouble adjusting to life as a couple.

Well, Laura's having trouble and is trying to find a way of dumping her dimple-cheeked lover boy yet again.

"It's like watching someone torture a puppy. Stop messing him around," observes her waspish best friend, which is pretty much the size of it. Angus Deayton and Anna Chancellor co-star.

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 25th February 2014

The second series of this fine sitcom about teen parenthood continues with young Laura (Scarlett Alice Johnson) receiving a work placement. As a result she insists on father Jamie (Sean Michael Verey) babysitting for their child, Emily. But Jamie has an exam. Chaos ensues when Jamie decides to leave Emily with inexperienced childminders Mike (Dylan Edwards) and Beth (Yasmin Paige).

Toby Dantzic, The Telegraph, 21st January 2013

The stars of Pramface on Series 2

Scarlett Alice Johnson and Sean Verey chat to about being sent off set for laughing too hard and whether their characters will end up together.

Susanna Lazarus, Radio Times, 15th January 2013

Interview with the stars of Pramface

Kicking off comedy on BBC Three for 2013 was Pramface. The day after, I met up with Scarlett Alice Johnson and Sean Michael Verey who play Laura and Jamie, to see what they had to say about the upcoming series.

Elliot Gonzalez, 14th January 2013

Things I enjoyed most about BBC3's returning comedy Pramface:

1. Scarlett Alice Johnson's ongoing transformation from EastEnders disaster into fine comic actress.

2. The fact that Angus Deayton was happy to walk around in his boxer shorts. Hardly the first time Angus has been spotted with his trousers down etc, etc.

Ian Hyland, Daily Mail, 12th January 2013

Pramface returns for a second series, and with an added cast-member. Having birthed the result of her fling with Jamie, Laura gets to the business of being a mother, ducking the snide remarks of family members and the incompetence of the father of her child. It proves a juggling act as the christening approaches, with Jamie's pious extended family coming in from Ireland and a tense flashpoint smouldering away that, obviously, has to ignite in the church. It's as clunky as ever, but Anna Chancellor is a steadying influence, and Scarlett Alice Johnson plays the frazzled new mum with aplomb.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 7th January 2013

A return for the culture-clash comedy in which three hapless and hopeless Brits play havoc as counsellors at an elite American summer camp. There's a hint of The Inbetweeners here and it's often very funny when it isn't trying to be too coarse. In tonight's opener, the boys find the camp has a new owner and a fellow counsellor, PJ (Scarlett Alice Johnson), catches the eye of Flynn (Sam Robertson).

Simon Horsford, The Telegraph, 4th August 2012