Sam Lake

Fringe cancelled - comedians will, er, save money?

Featuring: Maddy Anholt, Alexis Dubus, Yuriko Kotani, Jenny Collier, Robin Boot, Cally Beaton, Esther Manito, Ben Keenan, Sam Lake.

What's In The Box? - Episode Forty Two

From Series 1, Episode 42 of What's In The Box?. Featuring: Friz Frizzle, Eddie Bowley, Sam Lake, Iszi Lawrence.

Quick-Fire Film Comedy Festival

Featuring: Charlie Dinkin, Benjamin Sutton, Hamish Lloyd Barnes, Tristan Robinson.

Today's World - Episode Eight

From Series 1, Episode 8 of Today's World. Featuring: Katie Pritchard, Sam Lake, Luke Rollason, Joe McTernan.

Today's World - Episode Four

From Series 1, Episode 4 of Today's World. Featuring: Sam Lake, Olga Koch, Pope Lonergan.