Ryan Ward

  • Actor

Video clips

Comedy Street - Comedy Medal Night

It's the night of the comedy medal and every comedian brings their A-game. However as truths finally surface, chances of winning are scuppered for some, dreams come true for others, and one performer takes their loss very badly...

Comedy Street - The Comedy Ball

The comedians take a much needed night off for the annual Comedy Ball, however a sinister presence awaits Toffee Phillips. Meanwhile Mitchell has his heartstrings tugged by Cherie's visiting brother, Cheristopher.

Comedy Street - Ladies Night

The ladies of Comedy Street look to get some practice in before Comedy Medal night but a shady presence throws the night into jeopardy. Meanwhile Cherie and Mitchell make progress with their search for the real culprit behind the brainwash attack.

Comedy Street - Cocktails and Comas

Cherie is left in despair as she waits for Sam Smile to wake from his coma. Meanwhile Penelope Diamond calls on an unorthodox ally to help her secure the comedy medal.

Boy, I Love Comedy Street

New faces bring chaos to the street as new owner Mike Parmesan lays down a challenge to the comedians, newbie Sam Smile seeks advice, and TV star Penelope Diamond returns with a shocking revelation, but little does she know her brother has one of his own...

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