British Comedy Guide

Rufus Hound

Brown Mirror

From Series 1, Episode 5 of Mr Biffo's Found Footage. Featuring: Pete Ace (Goujon John), Anthony Shortland (DJ Trendy Peanut), Paul Gannon (Yuri Masters), Yiannis Vassilakis (Denny Staines / Captain Amazing / Robot 4375), Tom Webster (Blue Extruder / Stenny Daines), Stuart Ashen, Iain Lee (Kenny Masters), Larry Bundy Jr, Ethan Finlan, Jack Hanke, Rufus Hound, Emily Shortland.

Brian gets locked up

From Series 2, Episode 1 of Zapped. Featuring: James Buckley (Brian), Sharon Rooney (Barbara), Tony Way (Chestnut), Rufus Hound (Kevlar).

Series 3, Episode 2 trailer

From Series 3, Episode 2 of Drunk History. Featuring: Jessica Knappett, James 'Murr' Murray, Lydia Rose Bewley, Rufus Hound (James Dolan), Ciaran Dowd (Sheriff Brady), Mathew Horne (Billy the Kid), Katy Brand (Queen Elizabeth I), Michelle Keegan (Mary Queen of Scots), Joel Fry (Gilbert Gifford).

Scam Academy

Featuring: Alexis Conran, Rufus Hound, Carol Vorderman, Donna Air.

Series 6 trailer

From Series 6 of Trollied. Featuring: Jason Watkins (Gavin), Chanel Cresswell (Katie), Rita May (Margaret), Stephen Tompkinson (Brian), Carl Rice (Colin), Beverly Rudd (Lisa), Rufus Hound (Duncan Trench).