Roy Chubby Brown.

Roy Chubby Brown

Roy Chubby Brown complains: "I'm going broke"

He's made a fortune from comedy over the years - but Roy 'Chubby' Brown says he'll go broke if comedy gigs aren't allowed to resume soon. But, Chortle has discovered, Chubby's claims of imminent ruin might be overstated. His company, Limekent Ltd, is sitting on £4.5million of assets and reserves, according to the latest accounts filed at Companies House.

Chortle, 25th June 2020

The Caird: Hecklers, Kevin Bridges and the Big Yin

Unfortunately, it comes with the territory. Any comedian courageous enough to step onto the stage - whether it is in a 20,000 seater arena or in a dank pub basement - has to be well-equipped to deal with hecklers. However, be warned, disruptive outbursts from marble-mouthed louts will never be tolerated at the Caird Hall.

Ciaran Shanks, Dundee Telegraph, 11th April 2020

Roy Chubby Brown 'deserves credit' for Mrs Brown's Boys

The Teesside comic's manager, Tony Jo, took to Facebook to make the claim about the BBC smash-hit. Mr Jo says the show is inspired by Chubby's act - and claimed the Grangetown-born entertainer's fans could "finish every gag".

Mike Brown, Teesside Gazette, 15th February 2020

Roy 'Chubby' Brown on why he can't stand Corbyn

He's been dubbed Britain's bluest comedian. And when it comes to politics, Roy 'Chubby' Brown had no hesitation in nailing his colours to the Tory mast. Despite growing up in a Labour-voting area, Grangetown's Chubby has said he "f***ing" hates leader Jeremy Corbyn, and will be instead backing counterpart Boris Johnson in the upcoming election.

Samuel Jones, Teesside Gazette, 24th November 2019

Middlesbrough venue boss resigns over Roy Chubby Brown

The head of Middlesbrough Town Hall resigned in protest at the town's mayor lifting a ban on controversial comedian Roy Chubby Brown, it has emerged.

BBC, 8th November 2019

Roy Chubby Brown: Cancelled gig prompts backlash

A gig by comedian Roy Chubby Brown has been cancelled because Swansea Council said it was "unlikely to reflect our values and commitments". It said it was revising the Grand Theatre's programme so would refund 52 tickets sold in advance of April's gig. But Brown's management criticised the decision, saying "not everybody likes Marmite but it doesn't mean the people that eat it are wrong".

BBC, 29th October 2019

Roy 'Chubby' Brown cancels gigs after losing his voice

Roy Chubby Brown has finally been silenced! The usually outspoken comedian pulled his gig in Folkestone, Kent, last night after losing his voice.

Chortle, 27th September 2019

Roy Chubby Brown mourns his son

Roy 'Chubby' Brown is in mourning after his son died at the age of 45.

Chortle, 5th April 2019