Rosalind Ayres

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Welcome to Blandings Castle, home of the Earl of Emsworth and the sublimely eccentric setting for some of PG Wodehouse's best-loved comic novels. Something Fresh is the first Blandings tale and has been recreated for the radio at the request of the Wodehouse estate by Martin Jarvis and Rosalind Ayres.

The absent-minded Earl has accidently pocketed a priceless gem from a wealthy American, who happens to be the father of the girl this hapless son is set to marry. This is but one of the many coincidences that turn this comic-thriller-cum-romance into a joyous, laugh-out-loud romp through upstairs and downstairs life.

The cast list is as starry as they get: Ioan Gruffudd, Helen McCrory and Jared Harris are just some of the names. But special mention must go to director Martin Jarvis who turns in a delightfully batty performance as Emsworth. An absolute pleasure.

Jane Anderson, Radio Times, 29th March 2009