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Unbiased jokes at the BBC? We've heard that one before

Writers remain sceptical of Tim Davie's plan to limit left-wing laughs, and warn it will be impossible to deliver.

Vanessa Thorpe, The Observer, 6th September 2020

Rory Bremner defends impressions of black celebrities

Impressionist Rory Bremner has defended his portrayals of black celebrities - inculding Ainsley Harriott and Sir Trevor McDonald - and insisted he wasn't being racist.

The List, 15th July 2020

Rory Bremner hails lost funnyman Tim Brooke-Taylor

When he was a schoolboy in Edinburgh, Rory Bremner queued to have his Goodies album signed.

Murray Scougall, The Sunday Post, 13th July 2020

Gilded Balloon announces online Fringe line-up

Along with all the wonderful reminders of Fringes past, there will be new work from some of the performers who were due to be appearing at the venue this year.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 1st July 2020

Stephen Merchant developing deepfake comedy

Stephen Merchant is developing a new satirical comedy utilising "deepfake" technology to impersonate the likes of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. Rory Bremner, Matt Forde, and Peep Show creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong are also involved.

British Comedy Guide, 23rd June 2020

Henley Festival goes online

Henley Festival has announced that it will be going digital for 2020, presenting a two-hour evening concert, streamed on the Henley Festival website with performances from the Hurley House Hotel on Sunday 12th July from 7.30pm - 9.30pm on what would be the final day of the festival.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 12th June 2020

Rory Bremner: satire's role during the pandemic

The self-described 'stand-up chameleon' told our Political Editor Peter MacMahon about the important role satire can play while the country is in the grip of coronavirus.

Peter MacMahon, ITV, 27th May 2020

Rory Bremner on writer John Langdon

The comedian looks back on the brilliant, pun-packed career of his friend, writing partner and master of the one-liner.

Rory Bremner, The Guardian, 3rd April 2020