Ronnie Golden - New Age Pensioner. Ronnie Golden. Copyright: BBC.

Ronnie Golden

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Ronnie Golden is an actor.

Stage name
Tony De Meur


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Year Production Role
2018 Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden: Historical Objects Self
2017 Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden: Just the Two at Six Self
2016 Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden Self
2015 Ronnie Golden: Formerly Fabulous Poodle Self
2015 Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden - Old Masters Self
2014 Ronnie Golden - New Age Pensioner Self
2012 Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden - Going Gaga Self
2011 Ronnie Golden - First a Fender Self
2011 Rich Hall's Hoedown Self
2010 Ronnie Golden: First A Fender - A Beginner's Guide to Rock Self
2010 The Leicester Comedy Festival
  1. E5 - The Leicester Comedy Festival 2010
2010 Nerdstock: 9 Lessons And Carols For Godless People Self
2005 Ed Reardon's Week - Series 1
  1. E6 - King Of The Road
  2. E5 - The Winona Defence
  3. E4 - The Old Lock-Keeper
  4. E1 - The Swim
Ensemble Actor
1992 Sean's Show - Series 1 (as Tony De Meur)
  1. E1 - Jelly And Blizzards
1982 The Young Ones - Series 1
  1. E2 - Oil
Buddy Holly

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