Ronan Keating

Miranda: My Such Fun Celebration - Ronan Keating performs

Featuring: Miranda Hart, Ronan Keating.

Would I Lie To You? - Did Toff BAN HERSELF from Deliveroo?

From Series 12, Episode 7 of Would I Lie To You?. Featuring: Rob Brydon, Rhod Gilbert, Lee Mack, David Mitchell, Ronan Keating, Georgia Toffolo, Ellie Taylor.

Michael McIntyre's Big Show - Send To All with Ronan Keating

From Series 1, Episode 2 of Michael McIntyre's Big Show. Featuring: Michael McIntyre, Ronan Keating.

That Puppet Game Show - Blow by Blow

From Series 1, Episode 6 of That Puppet Game Show. Featuring: Tess Daly, Ronan Keating.

The Rob Brydon Show - Ronan Keating Slow Dance

From Series 3, Episode 4 of The Rob Brydon Show. Featuring: Rob Brydon, Ronan Keating.