Robin Ince. Copyright: Timothy Ginn.

The Very Least Worst Of Robin Ince

The Very Least Worst Of Robin Ince

Robin Ince: "Hopefully this is the least worst, but there might have been some things that were less worse that I forgot. These are ideas that popped up in various Edinburgh Fringe stand-up shows that were never filmed. It is a hotch potch, a confusion and a primal scream at times from a mind confused. I meant it all at the time, I wonder if I still do now."

The 23 tracks that make up The Very Least Worst of Robin Ince will be shown in a different order each time you watch the show, and will be prefaced by one of eight different introduction videos.

The first 1000 copies sent out have a printing error on them. The title is given on them as 'The Best of the Worst of Robin Ince'.

First released: Tuesday 4th February 2014


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