Richard Soames.

Richard Soames

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How To Date A Magical Creature - How To Date A Zombie

From Series 1, Episode 2 of How To Date A Magical Creature. Featuring: Richard Soames (Clive), John Henry Falle (Greg).

That moment when you forget your headphones

Featuring: Richard Soames (Man).

Ladz Skillz - The Car

Featuring: Richard Soames (Lad), William Hartley (Lad).

The Intervention

Featuring: Richard Soames (Man), Brendan Murphy (Tom).

The Reunion - Welcome Baaaack!

From Series 1, Episode 1 of The Reunion. Featuring: Max Olesker (Tom), Ivan Gonzalez (Brian), Stevie Martin (Jessica), Ben Lambert (Cal), Ann Akin (Liz), Tom Bell (Alan Jones), Anna Crilly (Mrs Hunt), Ed Gaughan (Mr Morris), Shola Adewusi (Jill), Tom Parry (Matt Blake), Arnab Chanda (Jay), Richard Soames (Richard), Andy Zaltzman (DJ Pu$$y Lord), Freya Parker (Kelly Humphries).