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Richard Soames

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Fringe Q&A: What do your parents think?

Monday 30th July 2018

We asked some of the comedians heading up to the Fringe how many times their parents have seen them perform. Some acts have very supportive mums and dads it would appear... but not everyone in this list can say that.


Press Clippings

How would you improve the Fringe?

'We should make it free and move it to Norfolk'

Chortle, 21st August 2018

What do you think of critics?

'Some reviewers clearly don't like comedy'

Chortle, 20th August 2018

Has the 'spirit of the Fringe' been lost?

'It would be nice if audiences came in with open minds and generous spirits'

Chortle, 19th August 2018

What's the most you have put into a Free Fringe bucket?

Fringe interview.

Chortle, 15th August 2018

Who are the unsung heroes of the Fringe?

Little known Fringe heroes.

Chortle, 12th August 2018

What's the oddest thing you've read in a Fringe review?

'I once got a five-star review for a show I wasn't in'

Chortle, 11th August 2018

What track do you come on to and why?

'I sing my own walk-on music as I can't remember my iTunes password'

Chortle, 10th August 2018

What's the worst place you've ever stayed?

'We had to use a tortilla for toilet paper'

Chortle, 5th August 2018