Richard Herring.

Richard Herring

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Richard Herring - Hitler Moustache

Richard Herring - Hitler Moustache

Has Adolf Hitler ruined that little moustache for everyone? The only time you'll see it these days is carved into the pubic hair of a naughty lady. Is it possible to reclaim the toothbrush moustache (as it should be called) for comedy? After all, Chaplin had it first. In the critically acclaimed Hitler Moustache, comedian Richard Herring (star of BBC 2's Fist Of Fun and the Collings and Herrin podcasts) determines to find as well as discovering how people will respond to this contentious face furniture when it's growing out of his face. Will they assume he's crazy or a fascist or both? Will they spit at him, punch him or just laugh in his face? It's a show that examines iconography, the way we judge and are judged, the dangers of political apathy, the point where comedy and madness touch and the very ethics of such a comedy stunt. Is it worth Herring upsetting strangers, risking physical and psychological damage and ruining his parent's Golden Wedding photos for the sake of a stand up show? And can Herring use the moustache, as Chaplin did before him, to satirise fascism and expose the culpability of apathetic liberals in the success of the BNP?

First released: Monday 25th October 2010

  • Distributor: PIAS Comedy
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 1
  • Catalogue: PIASCOM104

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