Rich Keeble

Through The Keyhole - Keith's innuendo filled house tour

From Series 6, Episode 1 of Through The Keyhole. Featuring: Keith Lemon, Rich Keeble (Richard the Lawyer), Christopher Biggins.

Rob & Beth

Featuring: James Farmer, Stuart Laws, Rich Keeble (Rob), Sarah Dyas (Beth), Kat Sadler (Laura), Alastair Clayton, Stuart Laws, Owen Pullar (New Boyfriend).

Tits Up - Episode Five

From Series 1, Episode 5 of Tits Up. Featuring: Amy Spinks (Vix), Gabrielle Fernie (Sammy), Richard Keeble (Business Man).

You Took My Stuff

This video contains strong language and/or adult themes.

Featuring: Rich Keeble (Vocals), Ben Green (The Superior Colleague), David Johnston (Bass), Jon Shortt (Drums), Dorota Purczynska (Employee), Samuel Gridley, Richard Osborne, Sam LeGassick, Olivia Hains, Amie Turnbull, Rich Keeble.

Bad Snappers - The Funeral

From Series 1, Episode 8 of Bad Snappers. Featuring: Georgie Fuller (Georgie), Danni Jackson (Danni), Rich Keeble (Vicar).