Reginald Beckwith

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Bottoms Up - Bottoms Up - DVD trailer

Featuring: Jimmy Edwards (Professor J. Edwards M.A.), Arthur Howard (Master Oliver Pettigrew), Martita Hunt (Lady Gore-Willoughby), Sidney Tafler (Sid Biggs), Reginald Beckwith (Bishop Wendover), Vanda (Matron), Melvyn Hayes (Cecil Biggs).

The Night We Got The Bird - The Night We Got The Bird DVD trailer

Featuring: Brian Rix (Bertie Skidmore), Dora Bryan (Julie Gibson), Irene Handl (Ma), Reginald Beckwith (Chippendale Charlie), John Slater (Wolfie Green), Ronald Shiner (Cecil Gibson), Dennis Shaw (Stooge to Wolfie Green), Thomas Muschamp (R.S.P.C.A. Official).