Ray Cooney.

Funny Money review

As well as the opening night jitters, Cooney's script certainly shows its age, with outdated references to race and sexuality, the script really hasn't aged well at all.

The Reviews Hub, 11th September 2018

Ray Cooney's 70 years in showbusiness to be marked

Ray Cooney is launching a brand new season of his comedies in celebration of 70 years working in showbiz and his 85th birthday this year.

The first production will be an updated version of his Olivier award-winning Westminster comedy Out Of Order.

Giverny Masso, The Stage, 6th February 2017

Not Now Comrade

1970s cinema expert Simon Sheridan offers his insight into the world and works of playwright and film-maker Ray Cooney, the 'King of British Farce'.

Simon Sheridan, Network, 30th September 2013

Run For Your Wife: Danny's new flick is absolutely Dyer

Veteran Ray Cooney's stage farce - the tale of a bigamous cabbie trying to keep both wives unaware of each other - ran for nine years in the West End and has been translated into 30 languages. Thirty years on, however, and transposed to celluloid, it is abysmal, dealing in outdated stereotypes that will leave you in a state of appalled amazement.

Chris Tookey, Daily Mail, 15th February 2013

When something is rumoured as possibly the worst British film ever, there's a car crash-type need to see it. And when you spy Cliff Richard and Rolf Harris cameoing as buskers during the opening credits you know you're in for a humdinger. This remake of Ray Cooney's 'whoops, where's me trousers?' farce casts Danny Dyer - who else? - as a black cabbie whose bigamist lifestyle is threatened with exposure after a dog food-eating tramp (Judi Dench - what was she thinking?) clocks him one with a handbag. Neil Morrissey sits on a chocolate cake, Richard Briers falls into a hedge, Christopher Biggins pushes Lionel Blair bum-first through a bathroom floor - no one emerges unscathed among the cameo-packed cast that reads largely like a roll-call for Brit TV legends you'd previously suspected deceased.

Angie Errigo and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 15th February 2013

Run for Your Wife: is this the worst British film ever?

Ray Cooney's film about a bigamist taxi driver gets a vicious mauling from the critics.

The Independent, 15th February 2013

Run For Your Wife review

Ray Cooney's best-of-British bigamist caper is a woeful piece of cinema, even while Danny Dyer makes for strangely charming lead.

Adam Lee, Little White Lies, 14th February 2013

Film review: Run for Your Wife (12A)

Woah. Ray Cooney's decision to make a feature film at the age of 80 is plucky, to say the least. His 1983 farce, from which it is adapted, ran for nearly nine years in the West End and is still packing them in all over the world, but this transfer to the screen is pretty much a catastrophe.

Anthony Quinn, The Independent, 14th February 2013