Withnail and I: Cult classic turns 30

Charting the travails of two out-of-work actors in the dying days of the 1960s, British film comedy Withnail and I has staggered to its 30th birthday. Star Richard E Grant looks back at its filming and considers whether anyone else could have tackled the role that put him on the road to Hollywood. Chin chin!

Simon Armstrong, BBC, 16th April 2017

The final episode of the comedy. Martin's big break has arrived, after Steven scores his mimicry a spot on a TV show, but as the performance approaches, he loses his voice. A potentially clunky twist is made much less so by the acknowledgment that it's all probably psychosomatic, and then given an extra fillip with a joyous cameo from Ralph Brown as Neil's dad. The news of Dionne's illness is treated gently, too, avoiding the potential for mawkishness, while the whole thing appears to be left rather open for a second bout.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 10th April 2013