Rachel Parris.

Rachel Parris

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Who Said That? - Episode Six

From Series 1, Episode 6 of Who Said That?. Featuring: Mark Olver, Rachel Parris, Jess Fostekew, Briony May Williams, Morgan Rees.

Stand-up comedians on The Big Night In

Featuring: Lenny Henry, Paddy McGuinness, Jason Manford, Rosie Jones, Ellie Taylor, Tim Vine, Dane Baptiste, Rachel Parris, Athena Kugblenu, Tez Ilyas, Russell Kane, Tom Allen, Lost Voice Guy, Nish Kumar.

Comedians Giving Lectures - Rachel Parris: Really achieving your childhood dreams

From Series 1, Episode 4 of Comedians Giving Lectures. Featuring: Rachel Parris.

The Mash Report - Why does Meghan Markle get so much hate?

From Series 3, Episode 2 of The Mash Report. Featuring: Rachel Parris (Rachel / Emma).

The Mash Report - What's the deal with no deal?

From Series 3, Episode 1 of The Mash Report. Featuring: Nish Kumar, Rachel Parris (Rachel / Emma).