Phil Kay.

Phil Kay

The Wholly Viable - Phil Kay: An Autoblography

The Wholly Viable - Phil Kay: An Autoblography

An autobiography (aka 'autoblography') from stand-up comedian Phil Kay.

What would you do if you were up on a tall man's shoulders in a night club and you're next to the mirror ball and they're playing the theme tune from Rocky...? You'd punch the ball too!

What would you get up to if your job was to get up to stuff and then talk to other people about it? Buy machetes in a revolution... crawl away from the police... wasp rescue... Jag on fire... celebrity splinters?

Tips, recipes, film concepts, great roads and 22 games better than Wii, this is THE manual the me, me, me memoirs of Phil Kay who's done seat-of-the-pants, follow-your-nose stand-up comedy for 25 Edinburgh Festivals in a row and beyond.

First published: Sunday 1st September 2013

  • Pages: 1
  • Catalogue: 9781908755094

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