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Peter Sellers

The Peter Sellers Collection

The Peter Sellers Collection

Soft Beds, Hard Battles: Peter Sellers plays six different characters in this hilarious sexploitation comedy. A renowned Paris brothel has turned into an active centre for the French Resistance. The girls assist the Allied war effort by attracting and eliminating the enemy amongst its clientele in the bedroom...

The Wrong Arm Of The Law: Pearly Gates is a cockney thief and leader of London's most successful robbery gang. Everything goes well until the police start arriving with monotonous regularity to confiscate the loot. Pearly soon realises that there is a traitor in their midst so he decides to make a deal with the police. His plan, however, is to arrange a robbery and getaway of his own.

Never Let Go: John Cummings is one of life's near failures. A toiletry salesman, he buys a flash car he cannot afford to insure. When a gang running a car theft racket steals it, he vows to retrieve it whatever the cost - his job, his family and his dignity. He begins to delve into a sinister criminal underworld with potentially lethal consequences. This stark British thriller features Sellers in his first dramatic role as Cummings' nemesis, a gangland villain.

First released: Monday 13th August 2012

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