Paul Rose interview

We've recently covered two of Paul Rose's shows on the site, Biffovision and Mr Biffo's Found Footage, but for those not in the know Paul was one of the writers for Channel 4's Digitiser teletext magazine which was enormously popular due to the surreal and silly humour found within the pages.

Alex Finch, Comedy To Watch, 8th November 2018

Why you should be watching Mr Biffo's Found Footage

Fans of Digitiser? Here's why Mr Biffo's Found Footage might just be the web series you were looking for...

Jake Laverde, Den Of Geek, 6th November 2017

Mr Biffo series smashes Kickstarter target in first 24 hours

A crowdfunding campaign for Mr Biffo's Found Footage, a new online series from Digitiser writer Paul Rose, has already raised over £8,000.

British Comedy Guide, 13th October 2016