Friday Night Dinner. Martin (Paul Ritter).

Paul Ritter

Friday Night Dinner - season 6 review

Friday Night Dinner has returned for a sixth season, and it's with a heavy heart that I say I wish it hadn't.

Aron Rosenthal, The Student Newspaper, 14th April 2020

Friday Night Dinner: Am I turning into Jackie?

Friday Night Dinner is back for a sixth series - and it's the perfect lockdown binge-watch, says Keren David.

Keren David, The Jewish Chronicle, 2nd April 2020

With perfect timing for these glum times the consummate sitcom Friday Night Dinner (Channel 4, Friday) returned. The set up of Robert Popper's comedy is simplicity itself. Every week, two Jewish sons return to their parents' London home for Shabbat dinner. The evening is frequently interrupted by next door neighbour Jim and his dog. Otherwise, the boys (Simon Bird, Tom Rosenthal) bicker, mum (Tamsin Greig) fusses, and dad (Paul Ritter), prone to overheating, takes his shirt off. This time there was something new on the scene: an old caravan, bought by dad because, "I went in one when I was a boy". Oh, and Jim has a new dog. Suburban comedy at its best.

Alison Rowat, The Herald, 28th March 2020

Friday Night Dinner criticism is missing the point

Robert Popper's brilliant Channel 4 sitcom has been criticised over its run for the fact that every episode plays out the same, with Adam and Jonny arriving for a dinner they'll never eat due to a series of increasingly chaotic events. But that criticism is missing the point as it's exactly what makes Friday Night Dinner such a hit. The best sitcoms often work because fans know what to expect and the show gives it to them. While Friday Night Dinner might take this literally with its familiar beats, that's what gives Popper's sitcom its extra seasoning.

Ian Sandwell, Digital Spy, 27th March 2020

Friday Night Dinner, review

The menu hasn't changed - and nor would we want it to.

Michael Hogan, The Telegraph, 27th March 2020

Friday Night Dinner review

This series, where the central joke is that the whole family is forced to spend time together in a confined space, is strangely triggering during the coronavirus crisis.

Ed Cumming, The Independent, 27th March 2020

TV review: Friday Night Dinner, C4

Is there a sitcom at the moment with a stronger cast than Friday Night Dinner?

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 27th March 2020

Top 20 UK sitcoms of 21st century: Friday Night Dinner

Despite a surprisingly funky theme tune and title sequence, Robert Popper's long running sitcom works on a deceptively simple premise.

Chris Hallam, Chris Hallam's World View, 26th March 2020