Paul Provenza.

Paul Provenza

US comic claims Alan Davies show ripped off his format

Paul Provenza has hit out at Dave's new comedy show As Yet Untitled, which starts tonight at 10pm. Provenza argues that the series, fronted by Alan Davies, is strikingly similar to his own series The Green Room, in which comedians sit around and chat off the cuff.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 16th June 2014

The story behind Set List

James Mullinger met with the two founders of Set List, Paul Provenza and Babs Romen to discuss the runaway success of the concept.

James Mullinger, GQ, 28th November 2013

Set List: an interview with Paul Provenza

Robin Williams has said it's the most terrifying, and awesome gig he's ever done. Richard Herring has described it as "cruel and wonderful genius", while Rich Hall has compared it to jumping out of a plane and hoping your parachute works.

Spoonfed, 24th July 2013

Troy Conrad interview

Co-creator Troy Conrad developed the format with Paul Provenza first at the Comedy Central Stage in Los Angeles.

The Comics Comic, 3rd July 2012

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