Paul Gambaccini

Stephen Fry co-launches sex offence anonymity campaign

Stephen Fry and Sir Cliff Richard are among those backing radio DJ Paul Gambaccini, who is leading calls for sexual offence suspects to be given anonymity until they are charged, saying the law is "out of balance".

BBC, 1st July 2019

"He was a sort of imp from another planet!"

This documentary about Kenny Everett, who died in 1995, is packed with contributions from his showbiz friends, including Barry Cryer, Chris Tarrant, Billy Connolly and Paul Gambaccini but we also hear from Kenny himself in generous archive footage.

We start with his childhood. He was born in Liverpool on Christmas Day during the war and Everett makes affectionate fun of his mother, a polite and traditional lady who would have hated to be considered 'common' so would carefully arrange a fruit bowl on top of the TV (a terrible place to put your fruit, Everett declares) and would never permit her young son to take a piece as it would upset her nicely arranged display.

His father wasn't quite so genteel, being a tugboat captain on the Mersey and possessing a wicked sense of humour.

From this childhood, a combination of strict manners and cheeky jokes, we trace his journey as he became one of the most beloved and daring comedians of the 1980s.

Julie McDowall, The National (Scotland), 11th December 2015