Paul Foxcroft.

Paul Foxcroft

British People Try Stuff for the First Time

Featuring: Tom Levinge, Gemma Arrowsmith, Owen Roberts, Rose Johnson, Camille Ucan, Paul Foxcroft.

Die Trying - A Very Metalcore Christmas

From Series 2, Episode 7 of Die Trying. Featuring: Simon Feilder, Richard Soames, Sy Thomas, Brenna Glazebrook, Luke Benson, Rebecca Schuster, Chazz Redhead, Scott Oswald, Paul Foxcroft, Angus Dunican.

Holidays Are Coming

Featuring: Richard Soames (Man), Briony Redman (Wife), Gregory Birks (Boy), Bebe Barry (Girl), Paul Foxcroft (Doctor).

A sexy love song to sexists

Featuring: Jenny Bede (Jenny), Brendan Murphy (Sexy Van Guy), Tom Bell (Sexy Van Guy), Paul Foxcroft (Sexy Van Guy), Neil Linpow (Sexy Van Guy), CiarĂ¡n Dowd (Sexy Builder Guy), Oliver Izod (Sexy Car Guy), Kirsty Mann (Love Rival).

Understanding Pentecost

Featuring: Richard Soames (Jeremy), Paul Foxcroft (Pistols).