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Patrick Morris

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Patrick Morris: My top 5 bad role models

Regrettably well behaved as a child, Patrick became concerned that he had not lived the rock'n'roll youth that would make for a thrilling memoir.

Patrick Morris, WOW247, 15th August 2015

Interview: Patrick Morris

Trying to live his life more rock'n'roll than ambient jazz, Patrick Morris is coming to the Festival Fringe at Underbelly to share his Fairly Premature Bucket List. Going through a quarter-life crisis and realising he's done nothing to fill the pages of his memoir with, Patrick has spent the last 6 months ticking off his bucket list to hilarious and sometimes disastrous results. We grilled Patrick on everything from hair tips to the ladies...

Tabatha Glancy, TV Bomb, 31st July 2015

Patrick Morris interview

For the last 6 months, Patrick Morris has done lots of the things he knows he probably shouldn't have in order to come up with new material for his new Edinburgh Festival Fringe show. Martin Walker finds out more.

Martin Walker, Broadway Baby, 21st July 2015