Olly Mann

Answer Me This!, Helen Zaltzman and Olly Mann's podcast of joy, recently celebrated its 10th birthday and its 346th programme showcased all the reasons to love it. Zaltzman, Mann and Martin the sound guy (he chimes in, with an echo on his voice) are such experienced broadcasters as to be beautifully relaxed. Their funniness comes from their familiarity with one another, but their research, editing skills and lack of patience with waffle means that Answer Me This! is never boring. They reminisced, a little, about recurring questions of yore (eg why we don't we get white dog poo any more). Robert Sledge, of Ben Folds Five, provided a little tune. Mann dissected Disney films. Thoroughly delightful, always interesting and resolutely not about "the question of the hour". Good.

Miranda Sawyer, The Observer, 15th January 2017