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Olivia Colman wins Critics' Choice Award

She already has one gong under her belt this award's season after being honoured with the Best Actress award at the Golden Globes last week. And Olivia Colman now has another to add to the collection, following her win at the Critics' Choice Awards in the Actress in a Comedy section.

As well as Olivia's award, Sunday's ceremony also saw the cast scoop the Best Ensemble Prize.

Charlotte Dean, Daily Mail, 14th January 2019

What people are saying about The Favourite

Thanks to Olivia Colman's Golden Globes win on Sunday and its domination of the BAFTA nominations on Wednesday, The Favourite is rapidly becoming one of awards season's most talked-about movies. This is definitely A Good Thing. After all, how many high-profile films give intriguing, three-dimensional roles to three fantastic actresses?

Nick Levine, Refinery 29, 12th January 2019

Olivia Colman: From TV comedy to Hollywood

From her breakthrough in TV comedies in the early 2000s to her award-winning performance on the big screen in The Favourite in 2019, British actress Olivia Colman is fast becoming both a national treasure and a major Hollywood player.

BBC, 9th January 2019

The Favourite begins reign at UK box office

Mary Poppins Returns holds on to the top spot but Olivia Colman's Queen Anne makes an impressive debut ahead of the Oscars race.

Charles Gant, The Guardian, 8th January 2019

The Favourite: Who was Queen Anne?

British actress Olivia Colman has been honoured at the Golden Globes for her portrayal of Queen Anne in The Favourite - but who was the subject of the acclaimed film?

Katharina Schoffmann, BBC, 8th January 2019

Review: The Favourite

Eddie Kaziro reviews the highly anticipated period-parody.

Eddie Kaziro, Nouse, 7th January 2019

Olivia Colman Golden Globes acceptance speech - in full

Calling Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone 'ma bitches' was only part of Olivia Colman's pretty amazing speech after winning a coveted award.

Deepika Rajani, i Newspaper, 7th January 2019

The Favourite is a vicious, rollicking period comedy

Colman's Queen Anne is sweet and giddy and transparently bonkers.

Ryan Gilbey, The New Statesman, 2nd January 2019