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Norman Wisdom

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8 comedy legends who made soap cameos

Comedy legend Tommy Cannon begins a short stint in Emmerdale on Thursday 19th September. Cannon is not the first veteran performer with a comedic pedigree to guest star in a continuing drama - remember the soap visits from these funny favourites?

Radio Times, 19th September 2019

Seven comedy icons with a seedy reputation

It seems that every day a new showbusiness career lies in tatters as the world finally catches up to the men who abuse their power to harass and grope women. But for decades bad behaviour has gone unpunished... here are seven comedians beloved in their day - and some even now - despite widespread reports of pretty salacious behaviour that surely would not be tolerated today.

Chortle, 20th November 2017

Raymond Allen interview

As a special episode of Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em is filmed, the show's creator reveals why Norman Wisdom turned down the lead and the story behind that famous raincoat.

Peter Robertson, The Daily Express, 24th February 2016

It is almost impossible to exaggerate how awful was the thing entitled Pompidou. I might be a little biased, because this pompous-bloke-fallen-on-hard-times sitcom featured three of my very least favourite things - slapstick, deference and the inexplicably beloved Beeb pet Matt Lucas. Even on an objective reading, however, this misguided and ill-disguised attempt to flog to the BBC Worldwide and children's market a sub-Bean, definitely sub-Hulot, half-hour lash-up of silly voices, snobbery and painfully telegraphed misunderstandings made me yearn for the comparatively Shavian sophistications of that exaggerated, whistling, carefree saunter Norman Wisdom would adopt six seconds before falling into a manhole. Insulting to children, insulting even to French people, who seem to like this kind of stuff, and you could find more intellectual creativity in 10 minutes of Bananas in Pyjamas.

Euan Ferguson, The Observer, 8th March 2015

Bid to release Norman Wisdom classic

A film historian who has dedicated much of his working life to the study of film star Norman Wisdom is campaigning for audiences to finally get the chance to see one of the great man's least known movies.

Andy Plaice, Isle of Man Today, 11th February 2015

Preview: A Tribute to Sir Norman Wisdom OBE

The exhibition is a real labour of love. "Sometimes, when I've shown people round," says Nick Wisdom, "I get to certain pieces, and tell a story and I'd feel my throat tightening."

Jeremy Clay, Leicester Mercury, 10th February 2015

Leicester Comedy Festival remembers Norman Wisdom

A comedy festival has opened in Leicester on what would have been the 100th birthday of its original patron, Norman Wisdom.

BBC News, 4th February 2015