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Blithe Spirit review

Shallow but fun.

Brian Viner, Daily Mail, 15th January 2021

Blithe Spirit - Coward would be turning in his grave

Dan Stevens, Judi Dench and Isla Fisher star in a travesty of the playwright's supernatural comedy

Danny Leigh, The Financial Times, 14th January 2021

Blithe Spirit review

Noël Coward's play gets a ferocious mauling in this witless reinvention.

Kevin Maher, The Times, 14th January 2021

Blithe Spirit - Judi Dench presides over a death farce

Dan Stevens, Leslie Mann and Isla Fisher mug spiritedly but there is little life in this unfunny Noël Coward adaptation.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 13th January 2021

Blithe Spirit review

The Noël Coward remake is fun but it's missing something.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes, Entertainment Focus, 13th January 2021

Blithe Spirit review

Edward Hall's adaptation of Noël Coward's classic comedy opens up the story and provides a more modern touch.

Euan Franklin, Culture Whisper, 13th January 2021

Blithe Spirit review

A cracking cast do their best to breathe fresh life into this enjoyable but dated farce.

Emma Simmonds, The List, 11th January 2021

Blithe Spirit review

Blithe Spirit is a film that makes the audience smile more than actually laugh.

Musanna Ahmed, The Upcoming, 11th January 2021

VE Day: What was making us laugh 75 years ago?

A look back at the comedy on air in June 1945.

Chortle, 8th May 2020

Blithe Spirit is more Ham Dram than Ab Fab

Seventy years on from its record-breaking wartime run, Noel Coward's light comedy Blithe Spirit haunts the West End again.

Jennifer Saunders does well with the dated script to bring out the humour and despite director Richard Eyre allegedly asking her to tone down the physical comedy from the tour in Bath -- still camps it up too far otherwise. Overall more ham dram than Ab Fab, her over-the-top style of acting does little to endear us to one of the play's more sympathetic characters.

Franco Milazzo, Londonist, 11th March 2020

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