Nina Gilligan.

Nina Gilligan

Nina Gilligan wins Leicester Mercury Comedian Of The Year 2021

Nina Gilligan has won the Leicester Mercury Comedian Of The Year 2021 stand-up competition.

British Comedy Guide, 6th June 2021

Leicester Mercury Comedian Of The Year finalists 2021

The finalists for the Leicester Mercury Comedian Of The Year 2021 competition have been announced.

British Comedy Guide, 20th May 2021

Comedians stand up against workplace sexual harassment

A pair of comedians say they are standing up for victims of sexual harassment in the workplace by starting their own "HR service" for comics. The move by Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Nina Gilligan comes as a report by Welsh Women's Aid found harassment "grey areas" went unchallenged.

Jenny Rees, BBC, 10th March 2021

Standing up to sexual harassment in comedy

Live comedy's lack of regulation has enabled sexist and predatory behaviour but a group of female stand-ups have ambitious plans to overhaul the industry.

Rachael Healy, The Guardian, 22nd February 2021

Women in comedy call for 'sexual harassment protocol'

Comics want clubs to adopt a kite mark-style system, rather than having to rely on "whisper networks" in the industry.

Ali Fortescue, Sky News, 16th August 2020

The sexism, harassment & assault faced by female comics

For years, sexual predators have infested the live comedy scene. But female comedians are demanding action. Is this British stand-up's #MeToo moment?

Rachael Healy, The Guardian, 5th August 2020

Edinburgh Fringe review

Deadline News, August 2019

English Comedian Of The Year 2016

In the end, it was a relative rookie who triumphed - and will now be gracing next year's Adelaide and Perth festivals down under on the back of his achievement. Josh Pugh, winner of a couple of new act awards in the Midlands last year, took the title for a set packed full of short, quirky jokes from a peculiarly offbeat mind.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 5th July 2016