Nick Helm.

Nick Helm - All Killer Some Filler

Nick Helm - All Killer Some Filler

In 2016 all-round entertainer, champion of the people and nice guy Nick Helm launched his second studio album, Nick Helm Is Fucking Amazing, at the O2 Forum Kentish Town.

Under-rehearsed, under-prepared and under pressure, Nick and his band somehow managed to pull together the greatest show in the last 27 years of living memory. That show went down as a thing of legend, often spoken about by weary travellers around campfires, but thought to have been lost to the sands of time forever.

Now, four years later and thanks to the outbreak of Covid-19, Helm and producers Go Faster Stripe have finally been able to review the footage and discover that not only is the concert not as bad as they remembered, it is very possibly the biggest achievement by anyone who's ever worked in Live Ents.

Nick Helm's All Killer Some Filler includes over 90 minutes of absolute bangers, featuring songs from his entire career, including all live performances, both his albums, and the TV shows Heavy Entertainment, Live At The Electric and Uncle. Plus there's extra-special appearances from extra-special guest stars Rachel Parris (joining Nick for a duet) and David Trent (co-fronting one of the hottest bands in Europe, The Helmettes).

First released: Wednesday 3rd June 2020