Neil Benson
Neil Benson

Neil Benson

  • 49 years-old
  • English
  • Actor, writer, comedian and stand-up comedian

Video clips

Chaos Theory - Heavier Than Tupperware

Chaos Theory's sketch and character comedy show Heavier Than Tupperware, performed at the Camden Fringe 2019.

Chaos Theory: Heavier Than Tupperware

A sketch and character comedy delight, often light, sometimes dark, sometimes weird, always funny, with characters from Michelle, who wants a manly man, to the strangest gameshow ever, a gameshow Imam, to a Victorian gin shop. Thrill to altercations over nibbles or lunch and gasp at a very bizarre haunting. Recorded at the Camden Fringe 2019, at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre.

Bus Spotter

A date involving busses.

Time Travel Wank Squad

Professor XY introduces the time travel wank squad. A sketch by Monkey Wedding.

Drinks on the Terrace

A sketch by Monkey Wedding.

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