Nathan Cassidy
Nathan Cassidy

Nathan Cassidy

  • Writer and stand-up comedian
  1. 29th May: Nathan Cassidy show available on Amazon Prime (Beyond The Joke)
Nathan Cassidy. Copyright: Andy Hollingworth
Nathan Cassidy is a writer and stand-up comedian.

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Malcolm Hardee Awards 2012
Cunning Stunt: Nominee


Year Production Role
2022 Nathan Cassidy: Observational Coming Soon Self
2022 Nathan Cassidy: Hot Tub God Coming Soon Self
2022 Buxton Festival Fringe Self
2022 Greater Manchester Fringe Self
2022 Guildford Fringe Festival Self
2022 Brighton Fringe Self
2022 Brighton Fringe Self
2021 The Chortle Comedy Book Festival Self
2021 Greater Manchester Fringe Self
2021 Nathan Cassidy: Bumblebee Self
2021 Buxton Festival Fringe Self
2020 Vault Festival Self
2019 Nathan Cassidy: Observational (Work In Progress) Self
2018 Nathan Cassidy: If I Caused the Financial Crash of 2008 Self
2018 Perry Air Comedy Award Ceremony Host / Presenter
2017 The Great Xmas Rant Writer
2017 What's Your Name? World's Best MC Award Grand Final Self
2017 Nathan Cassidy: The Man in the Arena Self
2017 Nathan Cassidy: Watch This. Love Me. It's Deep. Self
2016 Nathan Cassidy: 42 Self
2015 The Rat Pack Stand-Up Comedy Self
2015 Nathan Cassidy: Back to the Future III Self
2015 Nathan Cassidy: Back to the Future II Self
2015 Nathan Cassidy: Back to the Future Self
2014 Nathan Cassidy: Date of Death Self
2014 The Rat Pack Stand-Up Comedy Self
2013 The Rat Pack Stand-up Comedy Self
2013 Nathan Cassidy: Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner Self
2012 Nathan Cassidy: I Am Orig Self
2012 Nathan Cassidy: Free Pound Self
2011 Nathan Cassidy: Fantastica! Self
2010 Nathan Cassidy: The Frog That Says Sausages Self

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