Natalia Tena

Where, exactly, has Ambassadors gone wrong? The idea, sending blundering diplomats to a chaotic post-Soviet state, is sound, while the casting - with Mitchell & Webb as inept and smug respectively - is tried and tested. The fault lies in the tone: Ambassadors demonstrates, like so many others before it, just how difficult a comedy-drama can be to execute.

Tonight's final episode is another slice of ripe characterisation, featuring Michael Smiley's crack government interrogator and Natalia Tena as the Tazbek President's spoilt, tarty daughter. There are promising situations too, as a power cut and an ill-advised tryst leave Keith (Mitchell) and Neil (Webb) looking distinctly compromised. But the whole simply doesn't hang together - infuriating, given the talent involved. Ambassadors may need a rethink before serving another term.

Gabriel Tate, Time Out, 6th November 2013

Catherine Tate to begin filming Superbob in London

The British romantic comedy movie about a postman who gets superpowers after a meteor crashes to earth, will also star Natalia Tena, Laura Haddock and Brett Goldstein.

Radio Times, 12th July 2013