Munya Chawawa
Munya Chawawa

Munya Chawawa

  • Writer and comedian

Video clips

Complaints Welcome - Antiques Roadshow (R&B Remix)

A new version of The Antiques Roadshow.

Dating No Filter - Cringe Disney date

Meet Jack and Jenni, self-professed Disney lovers, about to embark on a Beauty and the Beast dream date...

Dating No Filter - First Date Rap

Axe-throwing, rapping and identical twins?! This date has it ALL.

Dating No Filter - Aerial yoga first date

Meet Jake and Mica - they're off on their first date to an aerial yoga class which will put them in some interesting positions...

Dating No Filter - Tom Allen reacts to a sneaky peek

Meet Craig and Oliver, two lads who are about to break the ice in a unique way - tubing!

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