Mitch Benn.

Mitch Benn

Mark Dolan cuts up face mask on air

Mark Dolan has incurred the wrath of a portion of the comedy community and many others by publicly cutting up a face mask on his show on Talk Radio.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 5th September 2020

Edinburgh Fringe review

One4Review, August 2019

Edinburgh Fringe review

Rule of Three, August 2019

Edinburgh Fringe review

Voice, August 2019

Mitch Benn review

Shouty and indignant in tone, most of the political discourse get nods of approval from the gathering. However, the real fun lies in his less worthy commentary.

Simon Topping, The Reviews Hub, 23rd May 2019

Mitch Benn: political lessons learned from being comic

Mitch Benn discusses the parallels between comedians and politicians attracting an audience.

Mitch Benn, The New European, 20th May 2019

What we're watching (late Fringe 2018)

There's (STILL) too much stuff in the brochure. There's (STILL) TOO MUCH EFFING BLINKING STUFF in the sh*tting brochure. Let us break it down for you. What time is it now? OK, so go and see this:

Mister Kipper, FringePig, 19th August 2018