Milo McCabe
Milo McCabe

Milo McCabe

  • Actor and stand-up comedian

Video clips

Galaxy Ball Team EARTH - Cohesion

The staff reveal what it is like to work with intergalactic athletes and the egotism involved, fuelled by superfans such as Bappi.

Troy Hawke catches a real shoplifter

Lounge lizard Troy Hawke takes to the streets of Liverpool to ask Scousers to 'Adopt a Word'. At the end of the video we see actor Milo McCabe helping to catch a shoplifter without breaking from his character.

Galaxy Ball Team EARTH - Tactics

The staff discuss strategy as their first match looms close on the horizon.

Galaxy Ball Team EARTH - Home

The staff reveal more about their home lives and intergalactic origins.

Galaxy Ball Team EARTH - Qualified

Having discovered a lack of "shooters", the staff sign a new player.

Galaxy Ball Team EARTH - Dogs

The alien staff who have come to Earth to train a squad of elite athletes discover that, thanks to an historical event, the team are composed of dogs.

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