Mike Wilmot.

Chortle Awards 2018 nominees

The nominees for the Chortle Awards 2018 have been announced. Mat Ewins, Hannah Gadsby, John Kearns and Joseph Morpurgo are up for Best Show.

British Comedy Guide, 7th February 2018

Teenage Cancer Trust Comedy Night, review

The evening was a goody bag of talent, brilliantly compered by Romesh Ranganathan.

Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard, 30th March 2017

Rarely Asked Questions - Mike Wilmot

There has been talk recently about the lack of old comedians on our TV screens, but age does not seem to have held seasoned Canadian Mike Wilmot back.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 4th November 2016

Film review: The Comedian's Guide To Survival

Comedies about stand-up comedy are difficult to pull off. How do you capture the highs and lows of performing live on film? How do you capture the buzz of the good gig, the despair of the bad gig? How do you capture a world that is simultaneously niche and mainstream? The Comedian's Guide to Survival comes pretty close.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 26th October 2016

The Comedian's Guide to Survival review

Films about comedians are rarely funny, but The Comedian's Guide To Success breaks that curse by taking the angst and insider jokes of Louis CK's Louie and playing it broader, less arthouse. It's flawed, but with the movie taking its own advice about persistence, director and writer Mark Murphy more than gets away with it.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 25th October 2016

Mike Wilmot - 'We're back into PC World now'

The globetrotting no-holds barred Canadian comic has had enough of censorship but would never say anything bad about his wife. Maybe...

Jay Richardson, The List, 7th April 2016

The Australian absurdist shuns all the cosy warmth of Christmas to set his film in a stark, clinical laboratory, where he and his staff (Bridget Christie and Kieran Hodgson) are working on Christmas cracker jokes. Generously, Simmons gives a lot of the best moments to Matt King - channeling his Superhans intensity and oddness into the role of Tall Pall, a mysterious humour troubleshooter. Blink and you might miss Mike Wilmot's cameo contributions to this peculiar scenario.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 9th December 2015

Something for the weekend, comedy fans?

Here are LiF's top 5 club tips for the weekend - including David Armand, Andrew Maxwell and Mike Wilmot.

London Is Funny, 7th June 2013