Mike Grady

New book to shine a light on creation of 1970s sitcoms

Raising Laughter, a new book due to be published in September, will take a look at the creation of 1970s sitcoms. Writer Robert Sellers has interviewed a number of those involved in the shows.

British Comedy Guide, 17th June 2021

Interview with Mike Grady

The actor, best known as Ken in Citizen Smith and Barry in Last of the Summer Wine, discusses some of his other television roles with Suite 101.

Adrian Peel, Suite 101, 26th September 2011

Back for a 29th season, the world's longest-running sitcom (with every episode still written by the redoubtable Roy Clarke) survives all attempts to inhibit its quest for eternal life - even an insurance policy that bars 87-year-old stalwart Frank Thornton, who plays 'Truly' Truelove, from filming outdoor scenes.

Rumours abound that Russ Abbott (a spring chicken at 60) will be joining the cast but first Brian Conley pops up as Barry's (Mike Grady) fitness-mad neighbour who outshines him in all things physical. Yet when it comes to karate, it seems Barry has a way to level the playing field.

Gerard O'Donovan, The Telegraph, 22nd June 2008