Frank. Frank Sidebottom (Michael Fassbender). Copyright: Film4.

Michael Fassbender

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Preview - The Graham Norton Show

With the 2017 movie scene kicking off to a good start with the likes of award winning productions such as La La Land and Lion, and new music from Ed Sheeran and Coldplay, The Graham Norton Show's most recent series has had a rather star-studded guest line-up.

Eloise Craven-Todd, On The Box, 3rd March 2017

Steven Toast reviews Michael Fassbender's Macbeth

Justin Kurzel's new take on Shakespeare's finest gets a resounding two thumbs down from veteran actor Steven Toast. Mind you, he only watched the trailer.

Matt Berry, The Guardian, 25th November 2015

Radio Times review

The stars of Steve Jobs, the Danny Boyle film about the co-founder of Apple that closed the recent London Film Festival, are on Graham's sofa this evening. It's unlikely that we'll see a repeat of Michael Fassbender's wonderfully cool dance to Blurred Lines that he did when he was on the show with his X Men co-stars 18 months ago - unless it happens to be a favourite tune of Kate Winslet's, too. Also on the bill is Brooklyn star Julie Walters - a regular guest on the show because she is always such terrific value - as well as rapper 50 Cent.

Jane Rackham, Radio Times, 27th October 2015

Frank - review

Great performance from Michael Fassbender in cautionary tale of mental frailty.

Kieron Tyler, The Arts Desk, 7th May 2014

Radio Times review

There's a trio of mutant superheroes in the studio as the stars of X-Men: Days of Future Past (Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender) take their place on Graham's sofa.

They've all been on the show before but, judging by an online Q&A with them, when they're together there's a lot of laughter, back-slapping and fooling around. Plus the occasional send-up of their rather theatrical co-stars, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.

Bringing a little femininity to proceedings is Eurovision hopeful Molly, who performs Children of the Universe.

Jane Rackham, Radio Times, 2nd May 2014

First listen: Michael Fassbender sings "I Love You All'

Frank purists (me) should know that this version of "I Love You All" sounds like the slightly different version played in the closing credits of the film and not quite the superior version played live near the end of the movie (and actually it sorta sounds slightly different from the credits version, but that was months ago, so what do I know...). Anyhow, here's your first listen at what, in a proper universe, should be one of the songs of the year, "I Love You All."

Rodrigo Perez, IndieWire, 1st May 2014

Frank Sidebottom and the man behind the mask

Cult comic character Frank Sidebottom has inspired a film starring Michael Fassbender, while a documentary and biography are also in the works. Four years after his creator Chris Sievey died, why is Frank's legend growing and who was the man behind the mask?

Ian Youngs, BBC News, 24th April 2014

Add Frank to your summer cinema list

It's worth the ticket price alone to hear Michael Fassbender deadpan his facial expressions from inside his mad mask: "Lips pushed together as if to say, 'Enough frivolity'."

ShortList, 26th March 2014