Meredith Edwards

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Meredith Edwards is an actor.


Year Production Role
1974 My Good Woman - Series 5
  1. E1 - Get Out and Get Under
Farmer Beasley
1973 Bless This House - Series 3
  1. E1 - It Comes To Us All In The End
Mr Davies
1973 Father, Dear Father - Series 7
  1. E1 - Flat Spin
1972 Clochemerle
  1. E2 - The Triumphant Inaugeration Of A Municipal Amenity
  2. E1 - The Magnificent Idea Of Barthelemy Piechut
Abbé Jouffe
1971 For The Love Of Ada - Series 4
  1. E2 - Walter Makes A Bet
Mr. Hodges
1971 Kindly Leave The Kerb Archie
1966 The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery Chairman
1951 The Lavender Hill Mob P.C. Williams

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