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Matt Parker recalls his most memorable gigs

The hotdog got bigger billing than me!

Matt Parker, Chortle, 1st August 2019

Interview - Matt Parker: Humble Pi

ThreeWeeks readers may be aware of the high esteem in which we hold the three creative, clever and funny people behind the Festival Of The Spoken Nerd shows. And if so, you can probably imagine the delight with which we responded to the news that one member of that outfit, funny mathematician Matt Parker, is in Edinburgh this summer with a solo show.

Caro Moses, ThreeWeeks, 29th July 2019

Edinburgh interview: Matt Parker on Humble Pi

Matt Parker is a best-selling author, YouTuber with over 100 million views and the first person to use an overhead projector at the Hammersmith Apollo since Pink Floyd.

Theatre Weekly, 6th July 2019

Edinburgh preview: Matt Parker: Humble Pi

Stand up mathematician, Matt Parker makes his solo Edinburgh Fringe debut with Humble Pi - a rigorous comedy show exploring the greatest mathematical mishaps involving planes, trains and autocorrect.

Theatre Weekly, 17th June 2019

Interview with stand-up mathematician Matt Parker

'It could have been £350 billion on the side of the Brexit bus, and we wouldn't know the difference'.

The Telegraph, 3rd April 2019

Festival of The Spoken Nerd: review

Geeky comedy provides statistically significant laughter.

Elaine Downs, The Wee Review, 6th December 2018

Matt Parker shows added attraction of maths in comedy

More than three million people have watched me unboxing calculators on YouTube (currently 3,106,525 to be exact). Which is ridiculous.

Matt Parker, The Daily Express, 25th February 2018

Nine Lessons And Carols For Godless People 2017 review

For a show based upon the rigours of the scientific process, Robin Ince's annual celebration of the curious and the creative has some pretty large margins of error. Nine Lessons And Carols For Godless People? More like 19, by my count of the guests.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 20th December 2017