Matt Kirshen.

Matt Kirshen

Fringe: 25 of the all-time funniest jokes

These are some of the best jokes and one-liners we've heard at the Edinburgh Fringe over the past few years.

Sarah Wilson, The Scotsman, 9th July 2019

100 of the best ever jokes & one-liners from the Fringe

For a taste of what to expect, we've put together a rather epic list of some of the best jokes and one-liners that have had audiences giggling in the Scottish capital over recent years.

i Newspaper, 4th August 2017

'Asking a comedian to improvise an entire stand-up set is like asking a magician to do actual magic.' So say the creators of this fully improvised stand-up show of which this, the second episode, doesn't disappoint.

Comedy purists will love the pared-back nature of it - watching comedians in a dingy club, their fear palpable, sweating as they think on their feet. You'll gain a new admiration for comics too, as it exposes the finely-honed craft of a performer's routine. As Rufus Hound sagely comments: 'As long as you're hilarious, nothing can go wrong.' No pressure, then.

This week, American comedian Eddie Pepitone goes first, creating skits by responding to subject matter posted on a screen behind him. He doesn't fare too badly, though quick-witted Matt Kirshen, who follows him, nails it. Luckily, he's on before Robin Williams, who's such a presence and a pro that he'd captivate an audience of wild baboons. Expect to see the likes of Drew Carey and Ross Noble in upcoming shows.

Debra Waters, Time Out, 9th December 2013

This series has been described as "like parachute jumping where you can't remember if you're wearing a parachute", with comedians asked to improvise a routine based on a subjects presented on a screen, which they're seeing for the first time while onstage. Tonight, taking up the challenge are British stand-up Matt Kirshen, American comedian Eddie Pepitone and Robin Williams, doing continued penance for Patch Adams and a host of similarly excruciating films. This format transports him back to his roots.

David Stubbs, The Guardian, 9th December 2013

Matt Kirshen: Jokes about Muslims

That's how many jokes about Islam there are: some of them are hack, up there with cats and dogs, airline food and the line, "He knows what I'm talking about".

Matt Kirshen, 9th April 2013

10 Edinburgh questions - Matt Kirshen

Impish charmer Matt Kirshen is back at the Fringe after last year's absence, you can catch him at the Underbelly where hopefully he will have finished of this sneeze.

London Is Funny, 7th August 2011

Matt Kirshen: 'It's good to own your embarrassment'

Atlantic-hopping stand-up Matt Kirshen tells SSP's Andrew Mickel about his new Edinburgh show, owning his shame and the joys of American chat shows...

Andrew Mickel, Such Small Portions, 5th August 2011

Edinburgh Fringe review

One4Review, August 2011