Matt Green.

Matt Green

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Matt Green review

Monday 30th August 2010

A mildly amusing show, but Matt Green would probably have been better sticking to the audience banter which is where the main humour was.


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Fringe Monkey, August 2016

Review: John Hastings / Matt Green / John Robins

Three confident comics and a full house made for happy punters during tonight's Comedy Box show.

Nicola Yeeles, The Bristol Post, 29th November 2015

Groomed for the Eden stage | Matt Green

Recently-married stand-up comedian Matt Green speaks to us about his upcoming slot at the 11th Eden Stand-Up Comedy Night at Eden Cinemas. New to Malta, the British comic is gaining traction on the circuit thanks to his new show, Groom for Improvement - all about the agonies and ecstasies of early marriage.

Teodor Reljic, Malta Today, 3rd February 2015

Edinburgh 2013: How do you think you're going to die?

How do you think you're going to die? In an accident? From old age? Being stabbed? It's a question we've all considered at one time or another.

Matt Green, The Independent, 20th August 2013

Interview: Richard Herring and Matt Green

The two comedians discuss their respective shows We're All Going To Die and Alive.

The List, 13th August 2013

Edinburgh Fringe interview: Matt Green

Matt Green is a sharp and witty comic whoose admirers include Richard Herring (he featured on a RHEFP!)

Laugh Out London, 5th August 2013

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