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The sexism, harassment & assault faced by female comics

For years, sexual predators have infested the live comedy scene. But female comedians are demanding action. Is this British stand-up's #MeToo moment?

Rachael Healy, The Guardian, 5th August 2020

Interview with Martin Willis, Objectively Funy

Martin Willis talks about his entry into comedy, his work at Objectively Funny, their partnership with Campaign Against Living Miserably, and provides great advice to anyone looking to mirror his career path.

Tom Inniss, Voice Magazine, 31st July 2019

An interview with Loose Brie

Martin Willis and Phil Lindsey are best mates, & from their incessant banter great comedy has been born & given a name -- Loose Brie.

Mumble Comedy, 7th August 2018

Edinburgh Fringe review

EdFringe Review, August 2018

Edinburgh Fringe review

Mumble Comedy, August 2018

Is stand-up caught in a cycle of masculinity?

For an industry blighted by depression and suicide, the 'mild antidepressant' effect of comedy sounds like just the thing that might attract us. And what else is blighted by depression and suicide? Why, masculinity, of course.

Martin Willis, The Independent, 22nd February 2018

Review: Double Trouble with Holt and Talbot

If not the backbone of comedy, double acts are at least a major limb... yet they are somewhat out of fashion, despite the enduring appeal of Ant & Dec. Well, hot on the heels of Inside No. 9's poignant celebration of the comic duo comes a new monthly night dedicated to partnerships.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 19th January 2018

Is silliness and surrealism the answer to satire?

How comedians are responding, not always effectively, to the political madness of 2017.

Martin Willis, The Independent, 27th November 2017