Martin Rowson

Laugharne Weekend Festival saved

This year's Laugharne Weekend Festival will go ahead as planned. There was a risk that the future of the unique South Wales Festival was in jeopardy following the shock withdrawal of an annual £20,000 Arts Council grant, but a sucessful crowdfunding campaign and support from the Welsh Assembly has saved the day. The UK's quirkiest arts festival, running from 27 - 29 March, celebrates 13 years with leading artists, comedians, musicians, authors and poets.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 4th March 2020

How Boris Johnson hijacks comedy to oppress

Populist right-wing leaders like Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have hijacked the subversive ideals of comedy to prop up the unfair status quo, one academic has claimed.

Chortle, 7th November 2019

Comedy studies seminar: Comedy, censorship & parliament

This year the Centre for Comedy Studies Research is running a seminar series entitled 'Beyond a Joke': Comedy, Censorship and Free Speech. Our first event is a seminar on Comedy, Censorship and Parliament, which addresses a number of questions and hotly debated by a panel of experts.

Brunel University, 19th October 2019

Brexit really has killed comedy

After 1,000 days of negotiations, there are no jokes left.

Helen Lewis, The New Statesman, 27th March 2019

Portraying the UK's coalition government in cartoons

The UK's new coalition government faces many tests in difficult economic times, but the change of leadership poses an entirely different challenge for political cartoonists.

As the party conference season kicks off the BBC has been talking to Martin Rowson, of The Guardian, about how he portrays the coalition in cartoons.

Martin Rowson, BBC News, 20th September 2010